building your winter capsule wardrobe

a concept: not sacrificing your style just because it’s winter time. we are all too used to throwing the cute dresses and shoes in the dusty parts of our closet as soon as there is a nip in the air. but winter shouldn’t mean that you can’t dress stylishly, you just need the right items. building a winter wardrobe that is cute but still practical is one of the most life-changing things a girl can do to her closet.

i used to fall for a lot of myths about dressing in the winter but soon came to the realization that i didn’t have to sacrifice my limbs to the frigid air and could still dress fashionably while staying warm. so i wanted to share the 6 pieces i have adopted in my closet to elevate my look but also keep me warm.

  1. the classic topcoat

it would be wrong to not start this post with a coat. something that i never really believed was that you could simultaneously be warm while wearing a stylish coat. i’ve been obsessing over finding the perfect piece that goes with everything. two styles of coats that show up on the racks time after time are cocoon coats and topcoats. and the great thing is that you can find these at any price point. but i can also assure you that investing in one will not let you down because this piece will be in your closet for a long time.

2. the perfect scarf

another piece that is timeless, fashionable, but also functional. everything you could ever want from a winter wardrobe. i think a lot of us think of scarves as a disjointed part of an outfit; something we put on just because we have to and whatever we choose doesn’t really matter because our coat is covering the rest of our outfit. and trust me, i used to think the same way. finding a really good scarf is incredibly hard but i now have one solid colored scarf and one patterned one that can really go with any outfit and make it a bit more stylish. this is another piece that you can invest in because it will last you a long time.

3. the cool pant

there is something incredibly underrated about a cool trouser to elevate a look. i mean think about it. you are always going to be wearing the coat around and most likely wouldn’t be wearing a patterned shoe, so really what you’re left with to make an impression while walking around is the pant. enter a patterned trouser. the best part about this is that you can tailor the pattern so many different ways to cater to your own style. you can do check, polka dot, pinstriped, floral or any other pattern. and all you have to do is pair this with a cozy sweater and topcoat. don’t shy away from this closet piece.

4. the dress that won’t give you hypothermia

a popular misconception is that you can’t wear dresses in the wintertime. wrong. because sweater dresses now exist and they are the best things ever. you can create an incredibly sophisticated outfit by wearing a long sweater, tights, boots, and a good pair of earrings. voila! who would’ve thought. but seriously, sweater dresses will keep you warm and will make you look so good. another pro tip: if you are just dying to wear the slip dress you wore to death all throughout the summer, simply pair the dress with a turtleneck underneath for a cool wintertime vibe. or you can put the turtleneck over the dress to give the illusion of a skirt. up to you.

5. the timeless ankle boot

i think the timeless ankle boot is a staple in any year-round wardrobe but especially in the winter. although finding the perfect boot for your style can be hard, once you find it, you will not grab anything else in your closet. a good pair of boots can instantly make your style so chic.

6. the turtlenecks

i will admit i used to despise turtlenecks. and that may not even explain it fully. i would protest every time my mother would lay out a turtleneck for me to wear. but one chilly day, i was gravitated towards wearing one and i have not looked back. i think turtlenecks give you a really fun opportunity to explore different colors, patterns & textures that you really wouldn’t think of. you can make a very big statement with even just your turtleneck peaking out of your coat whether it be by wearing a bright neon one (thank you to the fall ‘18 runway for bringing back this trend), a striped turtleneck, or one that has a unique texture. have fun with it!

hopefully this gave you a better idea of the things you can mix and match to keep yourself warm and stylish this winter.

Liesel Julsrud