what you should be streaming this month

One of my all-time favorite ways to unwind is to get hooked on a new show and watch as much as I can. The past few weeks, I have watched some amazing shows, documentaries and movies that have surely made some of my favorites. This month, watch these next three recommendations and you will surely be hooked too.


I’ve been waiting for this one to be available on Netflix for a long time. The Assassination of Gianni Versace is the second season to the highly acclaimed American Crime Story, whose first season covered the trial of O.J. Simpson. Revolving around not only the tragic murder of the legendary Gianni Versace, this season also focuses on the 4 other innocent men that Andrew Cunanan killed preceding Versace. I admittedly finished the 9 50-ish minute episodes within 4 days­­— it’s that good. There’s so much depth to the story of Cunanan and how he devolved into the serial killer we all know him as. He had a captivating sense of charm that could almost hypnotize anyone. It’s an insane story so be sure to watch this One.

Fun Fact: my mom (and technically me because this happened 2 months before I was born lol) walked past the Versace mansion a few days before his murder.


What can I really say about these two documentaries that would do it justice. In short, these blew my mind. I remember seeing things about Fyre Festival during its promotional period on my social media feeds. But I never knew how catastrophic this  event actually was. Highly recommend BOTH of these; the Netflix one covers more of  the social media and creative components of it while Hulu goes into detail about the finances (and actually interviews Billy McFarland himself).

Tip: watch the Netflix one first because it will set the groundwork for Hulu, which goes more in depth. 


I have completely fallen in love with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I know I’m definitely late to the party, but I honestly did not understand its appeal until I started watching it. Set in 1950s Manhattan, the show follows the hardships of Midge Maisel whose husband just left her (this isn’t really a spoiler alert). One drunken night, she ends up on a bar stage during an open mic night and makes the audience laugh like never before. She then begins to pursue fame as a comedienne and the rest is history. This is a super fun and lighthearted show. Plus, female empowerment for the win. 

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